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Launching a movement to grow 15% of Black businesses, create 600,000 new jobs, and add $55 billion to the US economy.

Content Marketing + Social Media Campaigns
Content Development
Message and Brand Development
Deep South US
Southeast US
Engagement Period

6 weeks

Ronel and David, the co-founders of D9 Ventures, was interested in social media support to promote their entrepreneur pitch competition called Fund the Yard, but after defining that initial SOW they realized that they needed help strengthening their brand story in order to recruit limited partners and angel investors to invest in their fund.

This led to a new SOW that prioritized their brand strategy and the development of concise brand messaging.


heir main challenge was that they didn’t have a brand strategy, and their brand story wasn’t as clear or convincing as it needed to be in order to recruit and retain their target customers. There were no unexpected challenges that popped up during the work. But similar to the first answer, it’s worth noting that right after we drafted their first SOW, they realized the need to make a deeper investment to improve their brand story and brand strategy.

Studios and Deliverables

This activated the Storytelling Studio’s brand strategy, message development (copywriting) and digital marketing services.


Our approach to solving the problem began with harvesting the core beliefs, ideas and stories of the co-founders, David and Ronel, in an hour long discovery interview. From there, David and Ronel shared their most recent marketing materials that contain the most current form of their brand story. We studied all of this material, got to know what makes them and D9 Ventures unique, got to know their target customers, and conducted a competitive analysis to understand how their top 3 competitors are positioning their brands. From there, we identified the unique narrative, messaging and positioning opportunities for D9 Ventures to differentiate itself from their competition, and began drafting their core brand messages in more persuasive, concrete and concise terms.

Ronel Charles
“It was a seamless efficient process working with TR around our branding and storytelling needs.”

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