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think rubix

People > Everything. We get it done and do it with a spirit of excellence.

We recognize that the world we live in is deeply flawed, but what sets us apart is that we don’t see those flaws as obstacles. We see them as opportunities to bend the arc of innovation towards equity.

Washington, DC
Bentonville, Arkansas
Memphis , Tennessee

Our values go beyond words. They are ways of living, creating, and doing.

We’re creative and courageous.

We turn complex problems into simple soulutions.

We’re confident and collaboratively driven.

We get the job done consistently and aim to over deliver.

We center culture and connectivity.

We understand it takes a collective of free thinking and authentic perspective to create real change.

We challenge mediocracy with curiosity.

What can we say, we’re born disruptors.

We’re capable and consistent.

We’ll tell you when we don’t know the answer but it won’t be long before we do.

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