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We live in a world increasingly impacted by the triple bottom line. Culture has become the new marketplace, the new electorate, and the new environment providing new arenas for engagement. 

Businesses are leveraging cultural trends, such as influencer marketing and brand activism, to reach new customers. 

Governments are struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation, exercising good governance among a politically polarized electorate and ever evolving social demands. Philanthropy is adapting to the growing need to address racial and gender wealth gaps with practices that decolonize wealth.
In every facet, culture is playing an increasingly important role in individual decision-making. People are no longer satisfied with access alone; they want to align themselves with brands, governments and causes that share or represent their most authentic values and beliefs.
This means the decisions we make as leaders and decision-makers carry a weight that extends far beyond our own brands and organizations now more than ever. We know that social impact requires more than just good intentions – it requires the right tools, strategies, and the courage to lead change.
Meet Think Rubix & Company: The Agency for Social Impact.
At TR & Co., we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and decision-makers broaden the public square and transform multiple bottom lines. We are on a mission to organize business, philanthropy, and government in concert to address complex social challenges at their roots, in order to create purpose-driven prosperity.
At TR & Co., we believe that working together is the key to creating the kind of inclusive society most of us want to live in. Our renewed focus on narrative, storytelling, and purpose-driven marketing gives us the vision to scale our impact. And that's where you come in.
We understand that navigating today's complex social challenges can be difficult. Simply having a purpose is not enough. We must take the steps necessary to turn that purpose into action in order to achieve the impact that lives beyond purpose. And so, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.
Whether you're an entrepreneur, leader, or decision-maker, we invite you to join us on this journey. Help us drive the change that we know is possible. To work together towards a world where the potential of our impact is just as meaningful as the potential of our profit.
Join us in going beyond purpose.

Tristan Wilkerson

Founder & CEO

To view our 2022 Library of Impact, please click HERE.