Digital Inequity and the Transformative Power of Culture

In the 21st century, technology shapes everything about our society: for better and for worse.

Whether it’s Silicon Valley mining and selling our personal data or government agencies deploying tools of surveillance and incarceration, however, it’s clear that the machines themselves don’t create digital inequity - people do. But the digital realm is here to stay, and so we have to ask ourselves: how do we wield digital tools for the collective good?

Think Rubix is proud to announce our next white paper, Digital Inequity and the Transformative Power of Culture, as the solution to this all too urgent question.

This paper posits that as the real world changes and evolves, so too does its digital reflection, opening the doorway for dynamic cultural forces to shape both for the better. We argue that marginalized cultures are already showing us the way.

Does your organization want to unpack its relationship between tech and social good? Schedule a discovery call with our Equity Innovation Studio today to see how we can make technology for equity.

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