American Rescue Plan

A golden opportunity lies before us.

Mayors and Chiefs of Staff –

The past two years of the pandemic have upended American life and shaken the foundations of our social, economic, and political infrastructure. By now, it’s clear that COVID-19 didn’t create the cracks, but instead laid bare and aggravated all of our pre-existing conditions. But the American Rescue Plan gives us the tools we need to navigate our cities, states, and country to a bolder and brighter future. ‍

Think Rubix is proud to announce our new white paper, Repair, Not Just Relief, to provide guidance and inspiration to governments to deploy American Rescue Plan funds towards equitable futures.

As the largest infusion of federal dollars into state and local coffers in decades, the American Rescue Plan gives governments a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fight everything from inequality and historic injustice to climate change and crumbling infrastructure. Right now, we can repair the problems of the past and make our communities more resilient to the crises of the future - if those in power get it right.

Does your municipality want to optimize your ARP funds for equity and the greatest social good? Schedule a discovery call with Think Rubix today to see how we can help you chart the path.

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