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Case Study
Scope Brand Identity
Narrative & Messaging
Audience Persona
Strategic Planning
Small Group Facilitation

Storytelling Studio
Equity Innovation Studio


Midwest US
St. Louis, MO

Engagement Period 9 Weeks

Who is WePower?

WePower is an organization comprised of Black and Latinx community leaders, changemakers, and entrepreneurs in East St. Louis, Missouri. Together, they work to build collective power and organization to design new educational and economic empowerment initiatives in distressed communities.


Though systemic problems that generated harm and hardship for East St. Louis folks predate COVID-19, the pandemic intensified all those problems and generated countless more. This left the communities under WePower’s scope in desperate need of leadership, advocacy, and care. WePower recognized this gap, and called on TR to evaluate their existing capacity, engage their stakeholders into deeper relationship, broaden the WePower brand to engage the greater St. Louis metro region. Ultimately, WePower needed a brand upgrade and a strategic organizational plan.


TR engaged its Storytelling and Equity and Innovation Studios to draw out the “brand heart” of WePower and collaborated with leadership, stakeholders, and represented communities to streamline organizational strategy that would focus the work, then assisting with implementation and narrative guidance.

WePower ended 2020 with a powerful new brand identity that accurately reflected the strength of the collective community in East St. Louis, and a clearly defined plan for the future to meet the needs of their constituents through the Coronavirus crisis and beyond.


We've Got Work to Do.