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Engagement Period 14 Weeks

Who is the Southern Movement Assembly?

The Southern Movement Assembly (SMA) is an organizing and convergence space that centers the voices and experiences of grassroots leaders across the South. As an umbrella organization for over 15 different groups and movements across the region, SMA punches above its weight in leveraging the grassroots power of some of the most under-represented folks in this country.


2020 underscored an enormity of social unrest - and new opportunities - all across the US, but nowhere more so than the South. SMA endeavored to harness the righteous anger, cultural shifts, and movement momentum that 2020 inspired to actualize their vision for a radical new South led by grassroots community leaders. However, SMA was struggling to recruit new members to join their four key working teams to support the growing grassroots movement across the South in 2020.

So, SMA hired Think Rubix to perform a brand analysis to understand why folks weren’t connecting with SMA, and a full-suite Brand Identity and relaunch campaign.


Think Rubix engaged its Storytelling studio to identify SMA's “brand heart” - the core values, voice, and characteristics that informed all of their work, and provided strategic guidance, design, messaging, and team facilitation to get that brand heart to shine through in all of their public-facing outputs. Essentially, a new Brand Identity.

By the end of 2020, SMA had a brand new visual identity and core narrative that more accurately reflected the scope, power, and modernity of its work. 
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