Grassroot Advocacy And Social Mobilization

We support teams by strategically developing front-facing opportunities to bolster voter engagement at critical points in the campaign timeline. We will develop an intensive, surgical, and highly impactful model that allows partners to reify connections with community advocates and thought leaders, secure relationships with local political leadership, and boost grassroots support. Our goal is to provide a set of principles involving equity and empowerment, and practices encompassing communication, capacity building, and politically oriented activities, to enable them to gain more control over the influence of their lives and direction. We know social mobilization is about moving communities towards a better change through empowerment and must first involve those most directly affected. This service details the process we take to mobilize our network of volunteers and political operatives. Plans for grassroots advocacy and social mobilization will emphasize: Building a consistent presence with thought leaders in target communities Creating a relatable brand for the candidate, issue or agenda. Developing a model of listening to assess barriers, trepidations, and critical influence Increasing community, individual, and group capacity to identify and address needs Increasing community participation and ownership of programs to achieve lasting, sustainable results Working to build an environment of empowerment where individuals and communities have the tools necessary to advocate for themselves in the future. Everything comes down to turnout. Our interactive models are based on relational organizing frameworks which prioritize sincere connections. These approaches are tailored to community types and layered on one another, increasing the rate of success. Our model calls for regional leaders who utilize key tactics to create compelling regional events. These “neighbors” will serve as information liaisons for the campaign and the community.

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