Coalition Building & Educational Awareness

Coalition building is the foundation of changemaking. More than anything else, it requires a willingness of individuals and groups to rise above their feelings of separateness and to actively collaborate in a spirit of mutual understanding, patience, and flexibility. A robust knowledge of underlying cultural networks and institutional connections gives Think Rubix a unique perspective to connect like minded change agents. Our team will help mobilize industry experts, generate earned media, and coordinate community events to emphasize the partnership. Successful clients allow us to leverage our political knowledge and organize productful meetings with elected officials. Our clear communication frameworks provide a forum for open discussion and mutual support of a common goal. We will generate direct contact to grassroots stakeholders through multiple modes including phone, direct mail, social media, e-mail and door to door canvassing. This broadens the base of support and increases trust networks. This framework reduces duplicated efforts, eliminates competition for resources, and improves communication within the community.

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Dr. Chris Jones approached Think Rubix with a vision to build a more equitable Arkansas through his candidacy for Governor.

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