Public Relations

Washington, D.C.

Think Rubix is a social innovation consultancy. We help entrepreneurs, leaders, and decision-makers harness the transformative power of culture. 

What is Social Innovation

Social Innovation is organizing businesses, nonprofits, and governments to address complex social challenges at their roots in order to create systems of equity and improve the quality of culture.

How Does TR Work?

Think Rubix is a social innovation consultancy. We work with nonprofits, businesses, and governments to create collaborative solutions to systemic inequity. We advance authentic storytelling, policy-making, and political strategies. We engage in systems change to better culture. We organize people.

At its core, Think Rubix practices change. Change management. Systems change. Culture Change. To construct changemaking strategies, Think Rubix uses a suite of tools housed across three interdisciplinary studios: the Engagement studio; the Equity Innovation studio; and the Storytelling studio. We’re built for the impossible. We make problem-solving simple.

Think Rubix is hiring an experienced Public Relations Associate to join its Engagement Studio. 

Our Engagement Studio organizes people with a collaborative and inclusive approach to break down institutional silos and leverage public and private resources. As changemakers, we address complex, systemic challenges at their roots to yield more equitable systems.

We view engagement with an expansive view: people as both voters and changemakers. We leverage a diversity of thought, skills, and experience to create innovative solutions to modern social problems.

Our work includes digital organizing, political strategy, community activation, fundraising, training and development. The engagement studio is led by nationally recognized political strategists and operatives.


  • Assist in the planning and execution of public relations programs.
  • Proactively identify newsworthy stories for local and regional media.
  • Reinforce the strategic agenda of the company to reach out to target markets.
  • Develop and pitch new story ideas to create media opportunities for the business.
  • Maintain media lists for targeted launches and outreach programs.
  • Assist in developing key communications materials such as press kits, media mailers, and fact sheets.
  • Provide support to the studio in identifying industry trends.


  • Assist in all public relations and marketing efforts.
  • Develop and execute customer-focused public relations campaigns through powerful brand messages.
  • Conduct research for target markets by conforming to territory requirements.
  • Coordinate the flow of information between departments by acting as liaison.
  • Create and deliver public relations materials such as press releases, white papers, executive bios, corporate newsletter content, and proposals.
  • Plan and execute press conferences by handling details such as time, place and agenda.


  • Experience in a rapid response media environment;
  • Willingness to invest multiple teams and stakeholders in communications efforts;
  • Energetic ability to multi-task and manage projects in a fast-paced and changeable environment;
  • Demonstrated commitment to accountability, measuring outcomes, and a results-oriented culture. 
  • Ability to plan a project or program, track progress, and adjust resources as needed.
  • Be able to help create a long-term plan, monitor progress, and stick to goals. 
  • Stellar communications skills, both written and oral. 


Compensation includes a competitive salary based on experience and a benefits package that includes health care, paid holidays and vacation, and a generous remote work policy.

*People of color, women, people with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.*