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Competing Priorities

How to support your team transitioning to remote work.

Your Company’s Pro-BLM PR Statements Better Match The Receipts

Consumers are getting better at smelling the BS.

Roots Run Deep: Critical Race Theory in America

How should we understand Critical Race Theory today?

How to Discover and Build Your Remote Work Strategy

Why it’s time for your company to reassess its implementation.

How to Get Free: A Quick Historical Look at Rest as Resistance

The simple act of resting is a way of saying no more.

8 Key Takeaways from Trump’s Presidency and Election 2020 as the House Select Committee Hearings Start

Four years that didn’t change the country — just revealed the truth of it.

Artificial Plants Don’t Grow

Growth is only possible in discomfort — and the most discomforting thing is facing the fake in your life.

If Your Equity Plan Doesn’t Include Mental Health, It’s Not an Equity Plan

Mental health matters for everyone — but especially for your marginalized employees.

Greener Pastures

The promise of legal cannabis in the south.

American Rescue Plan

A golden opportunity lies before us.

Digital Inequity and the Transformative Power of Culture

In the 21st century, technology shapes everything about our society: for better and for worse.

Equity Innovation as Just Transformation

Only a just process can produce a just outcome, and this paper highlights the theory, foundation, context, and principles for Equity Innovation as just transformation.

Think Rubix Honored as 2022 Minority Business of the Year

The Little Rock Chamber of Commerce has awarded Think Rubix, a public affairs firm aimed at social, cultural and brand innovation, with the Minority Business of the Year award for 2022.

News in Brief

Minority business leaders honored in LR

How to Design a Culture-First Workplace for Women

Think Rubix Announces McConnell as Director of Business, Operations

Nia McConnell to Lead Business Development at Think Rubix

Think Rubix LLC on Wednesday announced that Nia McConnell had been promoted from project manager to director of business and operations.

Think Rubix's Akama-Makia Leads the Firm's People-first Movement

Thinking Outside the Box – Think Rubix’s Akama-Makia Leads the Firm’s People-First Movement

2022 FUTURE 50: Charles Blake, Think Rubix

Think Rubix Marketing Manager Completes Leadership Greater Little Rock

Think Rubix, a strategic agency aimed at social, cultural and brand innovation, announces that Marketing Manager Ally Washington has successfully completed the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce’s annual leadership program, a nine-month course intended for emerging leaders in the state’s capital city.

Charles Blake, former legislator and LR mayor’s chief of staff, joins lobbying firm

The vocational whereabouts of Charles Blake, who resigned as Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr.’s chief of staff in late January, are now known. He’s become a principal in a lobbying firm.

Former State Representative Charles Blake joins Think Rubix public affairs firm

Former State Legislator Charles Blake Joins Think Rubix as Vice Principal

My Righteous Guide: Congressman John Lewis And His Commitment To ‘Good Trouble’

“Congressman John Lewis bore the marks of freedom on his body and he carried the torch of justice deep in his soul.”

Meet The Women Who Turned The Tide In Alabama

Still, "movements cannot be centered around a candidate or a campaign," says the partner in the Washington, D.C., consulting firm Think Rubix, which crafted the Woke Vote engagement program.

I'm Fighting For The Reproductive Rights My Mother Didn't Have Access To

Think Rubix designs a national effort addressing inequity for Black public servants.

How Grassroots Organizers Got Black Voters to the Polls in Alabama

“We shocked the world again,” DeJuana Thompson said. “This was a completely independent effort that was focused on the idea of what happens when you resource black people with the goal of turning out black people.”

Some blacks agree with Trump on Democrats — but can’t stand the rest of his message

Tristan Wilkerson, Founder of Think Rubix, said Trump’s appeals to voters of color is “just a step away from mockery.”

We Can Only Be Stronger Together When We Recognize the Challenges That Black Women Face

Think Rubix addresses the need to center Black Women in political campaigns.