Art Director

Full Time
  • 🌎 Globally speaking... it’s a Fully remote (flexible).
  • 💼 Candidates must have at least: 2-4 years experience.
  • 💸 Competitive salary based on candidate's location and experience.

Job Description

The Art Director is responsible for the overall supervision of the agency’s creative product, both design and copy. The creative director interfaces between the client, the account executive and the creative department. The creative director is responsible for taking strategic marketing plans and interpreting them into “big ideas.”

The Art Director assigns all creative projects within the agency staff and chooses which freelancers will work on which creative assignments. The creative director approves all creative work before presentation to the client, first reviewing the creative work with the account executive, taking the account executive’s requests for change into consideration. Most of all, the creative director should have a “vision” about the importance of the creative product to the future success of the agency.


If you review our portfolio, you’ll see a lot of work with progressive nonprofits and government agencies. It represents about 90% of our work each year. It’s a dynamic, constantly changing space that always presents fresh challenges. The rest of our work is mainly focused on corporate social responsibility and DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) for businesses and brands. Over half of our work each year is with repeat clients.

Our clients say that there’s nothing cookie-cutter in our portfolio. They say we capture the unique DNA of their brand. That’s huge for us. You’ll be instrumental in helping us continue to do that.


  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Retirement Package
  • Flexible work environment
  • Major U.S. holidays off
  • Professional Development & Networking Events
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Relaxed work environment


Equal Employment Opportunity has been, and will continue to be, a fundamental principle of Think Rubix. As an equal opportunity employer, employment is based upon personal capabilities, qualifications and performance. Think Rubix does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability or any other legally protected status.

We’re eager to bring more people onto our team who make us richer with their differences. Our industry has historically seen lower participation from minorities, but it’s something we want to help change.

Required Skills


  • You have at least 5+ years of experience working in and managing communications or marketing projects.
  • You have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • You’ve done more than just manage projects, you’re comfortable doing the work - and you’re not afraid to learn something new so you can help get the job done.
  • You are committed to the output, not the process.
  • Not only can you roll with the punches, you actually find gratification by embracing the challenges that every new project brings.
  • You take big, overwhelming tasks and break them down into approachable parts.
  • You prioritize tasks and help your team decide what’s most important.
  • You don’t get lost in the details, but are able to keep the big picture in view. You remind team members of the big picture regularly.
  • You are an excellent communicator, both written and oral (email, in-person, and over the phone).
  • You find ways to collect, centralize, and synthesize information so it’s readily available to the entire team throughout the course of a project.
  • You spot trouble way down the road and troubleshoot as needed.
  • You are the person that others come to with a complex project or process problem needing a solution.
  • You have a working knowledge of a variety of different tools, from various CMSes to communications, management and design systems.
  • Willingness to embody our values of excellence, respect and passion for social change.
  • Excellence: Think Rubix staff should always put forth their best effort in all activities, strive for high quality of collective and individual performance; and demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times while in the workplace and while working on behalf of the organization.
  • Respect: Think Rubix staff should value one another’s roles and responsibilities as much as their own, be encouraging, and value the diverse and unique perspectives of colleagues. They should honor obligations and commitments to each other and to external partners.
  • Passion for Social Change: Think Rubix staff should be committed to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, value the greater good of the organization over personal gain, and promote a productive workplace by acknowledging the accomplishments of others  


Whether you’re already familiar with the list below or tend to throw yourself into the fire and learn on the job, these will all be important tools to master. Your knowledge of specific technologies doesn’t need to go deep. In fact, broad knowledge is often better.

High Level Concepts

  • Agile approach to leading/managing projects
  • Creative strategy
  • Creative team management

Software We Use

  • Adobe Suite
  • MS Office and Google Suite (you should be very comfortable with spreadsheets)
  • Monday
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • SurveyMonkey

This list just scratches the surface, so hopefully it’s readily apparent why being a self-learner is an important trait for any account manager. You don’t need knowledge of all of these to get hired, but to get to the point where you’re good or great at this job, they’re all things you would want to learn.